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On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 2:44 PM, Jason Boyer <jasonb at myjclibrary.org> wrote:
> Are there any Evergreen libraries using CollectionHQ for collection
> development that I could talk to? I've got some questions about what methods
> of extracting the MARC or CSV data. I imagine they'd be plenty dull for the
> list, but I need to talk to someone with some experience working with CHQ.
> In case it helps: I'm not an admin on our Eg instance, and I don't have SQL
> access either.

A set of SQL scripts for preparing a text extract of bibliographic and
item data for CollectionHQ was written by Equinox staff a while back
as part of work sponsored by KCLS.  They are available in the
contrib/equinox repository on the community Git server and can be
viewed at


My thanks to Jeff Godin of TADL for contributing work to these scripts as well.


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