[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Opinions needed on copying patron data to the clipboard

Elizabeth B. Thomsen et at noblenet.org
Fri Nov 8 10:02:59 EST 2013

I agree -- I like confirmation without the click.

As we have discussed, clicking on a link is not a standard way to copy 
text.  It's true that many staff members quickly get accustomed to this, 
but there's a lot of staff turnover and this is a training issue.  Also, 
depending on the nature of someone's job and workflow issues, some 
people use copy several times a day and do it automatically, but others 
use it infrequently, have to give this a little more thought and would 
appreciate the confirmation.

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On 11/8/2013 9:52 AM, Benjamin Kalish wrote:
> Why not have the confirmation appear inline, next to the link? (It could
> fade away after several seconds.) This is a fairly common pattern in web
> apps, though less common in desktop applications. The advantage is that
> it would provide confirmation without requiring an additional mouseclick.
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>     Subject:        Opinions needed on copying patron data to the clipboard
>     Date:   Thu, 25 Jul 2013 16:36:59 -0400
>     From:   Kathy Lussier <klussier at masslnc.org
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>     Hi all,
>     I'm seeking opinions on a change that was made in 2.4 when copying
>     information from the patron editor to the clipboard. Prior to 2.4, when
>     a user clicked on a link in the patron summary, they would receive an
>     alert confirming that the data had been copied to the clipboard (see
>     attached image).
>     The alert was removed in 2.4 and a bug has been filed on the issue -
>     https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1192189.
>     There are pros and cons to removing the confirmation message.
>     The pros of removing the message are that it conforms with wider user
>     interface standards. Basically, you don't receive this kind of
>     confirmation when copying data using CTRL-C or a shortcut menu. The
>     message can also be seen as an annoyance as it requires an
>     additional click.
>     On the con side, it can be somewhat disconcerting to click on that link
>     and not receive a confirmation, leading the user to wonder if the data
>     was really copied. It's uncommon in other software to use underlined
>     text for copying data, and the confirmation message provides a visual
>     cue as to the action that was just taken.
>     Although I filed the original bug report, I have to say I'm on the fence
>     with this issue. However, I do think it's important that the end users
>     who are using the patron editor on a daily basis provide some feedback
>     on this feature.
>     Since I filed the bug, three more people have shown support for
>     restoring the confirmation message. However, if there are people who
>     were happy to see that the message went away, I don't think we would
>     have heard from them in Launchpad because they wouldn't have bothered to
>     take the time to determine if a bug were filed.
>     I thought it would be best to do an informal poll of the community
>     through the general list to see if there is interest in restoring the
>     confirmation message or if people are happy with its removal. I'm hoping
>     we can get a feel of the general consensus through an e-mail thread
>     rather than setting up a formal poll.
>     Let me know what you think!
>     Kathy
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