[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Any ideas how to include payments from external sources into Evergreen?

Linda Jansova skolkova at chello.cz
Sun Nov 10 13:33:23 EST 2013

Dear all,

Czech library users would appreciate if it was possible to add money to 
their Evergreen account using bank transfers (this way of making 
payments is used by a number of public libraries in our country).

Our idea is that a CSV file from electronic banking (with a variable 
symbol as a payment identifier, see 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variable_symbol, and a particular amount of 
money) would be processed with a script that we would write. The script 
output would call an OpenSRF function or insert data into a table.

If the first method (calling a function) was used, which OpenSRF 
function should be called in order to enable adding money to a 
particular user account (using a user account ID as a variable -- or 
other identifier from the electronic banking data -- and an amount of 

If the second method (inserting data into a table) was used, which are 
the tables into which the data should be inserted and how should the 
insertion be done?

Which of these methods would you recommend?

(Indeed, if there are any other options, we will be more than happy to 
hear about them :-).)

A programmer would do this work for us (provided that we are awarded 
grant money for this purpose -- the grant writing activities are just 
underway) and we would definitely share the results of our work with the 
Evergreen community.

Thank you in advance for any hints!

Linda and Vaclav Jansovi (and especially Eva Cerninakova from Jabok 
Library who is about to submit the grant application :-)

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