[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Batch Importing Baker & Taylor records

Mary Llewellyn mllewell at biblio.org
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Hi Rose,


We set up our match set for loading order records to match on tag 020 or
024, or (028 a and 028 b) or 035, or tag 001. That last one was set up as a
record attribute since 001 doesn't have a subfield like the other tags.
Baker & Taylor uses tag 001 for their control numbers (BK#####), so it's a
good way to keep from adding duplicate B&T records. 


When the libraries load their records, they select "Match only merge" so
they don't accidentally match and replace a fuller record with the vendor
record. They check the boxes "Import Non-Matchng Records" and "Merge on Best




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Has anyone out there had a problem with importing Baker & Taylor records -
tweaks you had to make to the system etc.  I seem to have a couple of
libraries that are importing records that are creating duplicates (but I'm
not sure of all the check/non checks they have on/off at the moment).


I've run some reports and on the titles that I know created duplicates - it
looks like there were two copies of that book coming in - not sure if this
has anything to do with it or not.


I was just wondering if someone had this problem and knew what settings
Evergreen likes better for B & T records (if it does need tweaking).




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