Thomas Berezansky tsbere at mvlc.org
Mon Aug 18 16:33:30 EDT 2014

I am not aware of any way to get notification information via SIP2, of  
any kind. Phone, email, or SMS.

You can get the patron's email address and day phone, I believe, but  
not whether or not either is being used for hold notifications.  
Especially as holds store notification phone numbers directly and  
don't rely on the day phone value.

If they are printing slips that indicate phone or email notification  
by virtue of the patron having an email address or phone number via  
SIP2 then I would recommend they stop trusting it as a result.

Quoting Sue Ciani <sciani at cwmars.org>:

> Hi,
> When a patron requests to get a holds notification via text (SMS),  
> is there a way that SIP can access that information also?  A library  
> that has an AMH (connected via SIP) would like to have that phone  
> number appear on a receipt template.   I could not find that  
> information anywhere in SIP.
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