[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Auth-bib: authorized heading (151 - Geographic Name) controls bib tag 710

Srey Seng sSeng at catalystitservices.com
Tue Aug 19 15:22:52 EDT 2014

Question: can an authority record (main heading 151) control a bib tag 710?

I asked this question on IRC and had a short but interesting discussion. My current understanding of how controlling & linking works in Evergreen was that an auth 151 would not control a bib 710.

In short, an auth 151 would control, for instance, a bib 651, and an auth tag 110 would control, for instance, a bib tag 710. Similarily, a bib tag 651 would link to an auth tag 151, and likewise a bib tag 710 would link to an auth tag 110.

What made me ask this question was due to a bib record that we had sent out to Backstage for processing. The bib record (Bib A) appears to be the only candidate capable of generating the authority record (Auth A). Snippets of both shown below:

Bib A:
=710 1\$aBarnstable County (Mass.)

Auth A:
=151 \\$aBarnstable County (Mass.)

What caught my attention was the bib tag was a 710, and the authorized heading matched and returned was a 151 tag.

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