[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Concerto logins

Kathy Lussier klussier at masslnc.org
Tue Aug 26 07:43:56 EDT 2014

Hi all,

This message is partially for people who are using Sandboxes for Bug 
Squashing Day, but also should be useful for anyone who needs to use the 
Concerto data set when testing. I thought it would be useful if there 
was a list available with all of the logins for patron/staff accounts 
that are part of the Concerto data set. Thomas Berezansky extracted the 
information for me, and  I have posted these logins in CSV format to the 
wiki at http://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=qa:concerto_logins.

Eventually, we should include these logins in the Evergreen 
documentation, along with a description of the Concerto data set. 
However, I didn't have time to do so immediately.


Kathy Lussier
Project Coordinator
Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative
(508) 343-0128
klussier at masslnc.org
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kmlussier
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