[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Inconsistent/wrong search results when searching by location in TPAC

Justin Hopkins justin at mobiusconsortium.org
Wed Jan 22 15:27:47 EST 2014


Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

On 1/21/2014 7:55 PM, Mike Rylander wrote:
> With a little elbow grease, one could certainly use one of the many
> XML format output options available for use with the new items list to
> re-sort them however one would like, and display them exactly as one
> would wish.  Just try replacing "html-full" with "atom" or "rss2".
Yes, this was my first thought for a fix as well. The issue is that (of 
course) I'd like to use native Evergreen functions rather than crafting 
something that I'll have to maintain outside of Evergreen.
> In fact, you could even use the OPAC to do the heavy lifting for you
> if you were to extract the record IDs from the XML new item feed and
> built a search using the record_list() filter and the sort(titlesort)
> operator.
I've not used the record_list() filter, but I'd think that given the 
number of new items my URL would easily exceed 2000 characters and get 
into not-guaranteed-to-work territory pretty quick.
> Perhaps, with likely less total effort, an opac format could be added
> to the new item list, along with support for additional query
> components (such as sorting) in the case of the opac format.  A simple
> redirect would do.
Who knows, this may be our next project.
> A wishlist bug sounds like a good idea.  Perhaps time or funding will
> materialize.
I'm going to do that.


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