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On Wednesday, January 22, 2014 7:14:04 PM "Holly Brennan" <haderhold at ci.homer.ak.us> wrote:
> Here’s how I configured the top of our patron-oriented receipts
> (items out, renewals, etc):
> You set this up on one station, then copy the templates to all other
> computers at that branch. It’s a little work, but only has to be
> done once. And since you have to copy the customized templates to
> each workstation regardless, there’s not much difference in
> typing/coping a line of macros vs. typing the library name manually.
> Hope that helps. And thanks for the list, Lynn!
Another option (which we use) is to include one or more of the following in your receipt template: %INCLUDE(header_text)%, %INCLUDE(notice_text)%, %INCLUDE(footer_text)%, %INCLUDE(alert_text)%
Then for each library, set the header_text, notice_text, footer_text and alert_text settings in the library settings editor as needed.
We have those "includes" in our default template on the server, that way one template works for 98% of the libraries.

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