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Donald Butterworth don.butterworth at asburyseminary.edu
Thu Jul 7 15:26:23 EDT 2016

Hi All,

We have made a lot of progress this last year cleaning up our data thanks
to Evergreen's flexibility and Jim Taylor. Now I'd like to move into deeper
water and find a way to make a modification, in the staff client, in the
area of the cursor focus.

Currently when a "Record Summary" screen is opened, the cursor focus is
positioned at the far left margin of the search text box, often with text
from the preceding search included. So if I want to do another search
immediately I must either:
1. Hold down on the delete key until all of the text is gone and then enter
the next search command, OR
2. Type "Shift/End" to highlight the text and then enter the next search
command, OR
3. Triple click the mouse to highlight the text and then enter the next
search command.

As a cataloger, though, I am much more likely to need to click on the
"View" or "Edit" or "Add Volumes" or "MARC Edit" link. When I do, either a
new tab opens or the screen morphs. After I have made my edits, I am ready
to do a new search. However, when the tabs are closed or when I return to
the "OPAC View", the cursor is never focused in the Search text box. This
necessitates mousing to the Search box, clicking in it and performing one
of the three steps outlined above.

Or, I can "Ctrl W" to return to the Welcome screen, where the cursor is
always positioned in a blank search box, or, I can Click on "Browse the
Catalog", where the cursor is never in the blank search box.

What I would *like* is for the Search text box to always be focused and
highlighted (Shift/End).  That way I can just start typing to move on to
the next search. Alternately just clicking in the search box would
highlight all text, like the behavior found in all Browser search boxes.
Either of these options will save me many keystrokes each day.

Now I understand that some may prefer the current behavior, so I'm not
lobbying for this feature to be put into general release. But in our
setting, this change would make a world of difference. So ... would someone
be willing to outline what needs to be done to create this alternate
behavior in the staff client, so that we can make the change locally?

Thanks much,


Don Butterworth
Collection Management Librarian /
Faculty Associate
B.L. Fisher Library
Asbury Theological Seminary
don.butterworth at asburyseminary.edu
(859) 858-2227
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