[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Web Staff Client Translation Mystery

Linda Jansova skolkova at chello.cz
Mon Oct 3 11:28:23 EDT 2016


I have had a look at it and reported my findings at Launchpad (see 
https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1629078). I'm pasting them 
here just in case anybody has an idea how to fix it (we test web client 
for Evergreen 2.10.7):

"I have extracted a couple of strings from web_staff_translation2.jpg 
and have checked the translation files at Launchpad to see where these 
are included.

It seems that those strings that are included in the "webstaff" 
translation file are correctly translated in the interface. Example: 
"Telefonní číslo přes den" ("Day Phone" in English).

However, those which are not included in the "webstaff" translation file 
are not translated in the web client interface. Examples: "Internet 
Access Level" (contained in the "fm-idl.dtd" translation file) or 
"Privilege Expiration Date" (also contained in the "fm-idl.dtd" 
translation file).

Could that be the reason why some strings fail to show up as translated? 
And if so, how could it be fixed?"

In other words, the question seems to be the following:

Does the web client know where to look for the appropriate translations?



On 29.9.2016 21:07, Cerninakova Eva wrote:
> Hi all
> we have a great opportunity to arrange  the long  term project 
> workshop starting next week in which  students of Information science 
> at Charles University of Prague will write  Czech documentation for 
> Evergreen web staff client.
> Unfortunately when we launched  web staff  client in order to test 
> it,  the interface turned out to be almost untranslated.
> When trying to trace the roots of the problem we have identified two 
> areas:
> 1) Some language strings remain untranslated even if there is no 
> reason why they should not be translated (according to our limited 
> knowledge). The strings in tt2 files seems to be O.K., translations 
> are available in the web staff client localization file  
> (/openils/var/data/locale/staff/cs-CZ.po) and translation in the OPAC 
> on the same Evergreen installation are being applied smoothly   (for 
> details see https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1629078). 
> Moreover, some minor parts of the web staff client are shown  
> translated  -  which is a real mystery.
> We are not sure  whether there is any other settings (or whatever 
> else) to be  done for the web staff client proper localization except 
> the localization settings in Apache?
> 2) Some portions of translation of the  web staff client are 
> untranslated because the translation strings are not part of the 
> cs-CZ.po localization file. As they are not in the "webstaff" 
> translation template in Launchpad at all, I wonder whether some parts 
> of web staff had not been included to Lauchpad or whether translation 
> for some parts of the web staff are stored in any other place then the 
> "staff" directory (similarly as it is for the current staff client) 
> and the core of the problem lies elsewhere?
> Without Czech translation it is pointless to start working on Czech 
> web staff client documentation (which mean we will probably miss the 
> opportunity arrange the student project workshop) so we would really 
> appreciate any quick  help or hint how to solve or patch the problem.
> Thanks in advance
> Eva
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