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Holly Brennan haderhold at ci.homer.ak.us
Fri Oct 14 13:55:49 EDT 2016

Thanks, Josh and & Elaine for your suggested workarounds to my problem! (I failed to peek in my Evergreen email folder yesterday.)


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Holly, I'm late to the conversation, but here is what I think I would do in this situation.

I would place all the holds and then suspend any that were currently checked out.  I'm assuming they would all be copy holds since you want to evaluate specific copies.  I don't believe a suspended hold would block a renewal.  There is a bug open about adding back the ability to suspend at time of hold placement that would streamline this part a little bit.  Bug 1189989<https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1189989>

Then on a regular basis I would run a report showing which of the copies that I have suspended holds on are now (available/reshelving/checked out with no other holds and no more renewals allowed) and activate those holds.  I would probably do that for a certain amount of time and then throw up my hands and activate the rest, just to get done with the process in a bounded time period. Or just set a specific activation date when suspending, so they would go live after 2 months, no matter what.

An sql query could do the work of checking for availability and activating the holds.

If you caught the copy at the stage that it has no other holds and all renewals had been used, then it would be pretty seamless, when activated against available items you will cause more staff work by adding items to the pull list.

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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A staff member needs to put a lot of DVDs on hold to assess the physical condition, but is in no rush. We don't want to prevent patrons from renewing items they have just because of our staff hold.

In other words, we're looking for something that's the opposite of the force/recall hold types. A "timid" hold....a pushover that's okay with being sent to the back of the line until absolutely no one else cares about the item. It would speak up only after the item is checked in and moves to Available status.

Anyone else feel this would be a useful addition? Or maybe there's a way to make this process work with the existing ILS functions? Thanks!


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