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Kathy Lussier klussier at masslnc.org
Wed Nov 8 13:05:47 EST 2017

Hi Diane,

Yes, you could retrieve each patron in a different browser tab and flip 
between the classes.  I think there are a couple of ways you could do 
this fairly efficiently so you don't have to search teachers or scan 
teacher barcodes during each visit.

- Add a bookmarks folder on your toolbar, and then add a direct link to 
each teacher account in that folder. When you go to the school, use the 
Open All option on the bookmarks folder to open each teacher in a new 
tab. This option is available in Chrome. I imagine Firefox has a similar 
option. Many thanks to Rogan Hamby for coming up with this idea!

- Add each of the teachers to a user bucket. Pull up the user bucket 
when you visit the school. Ctrl-click each barcode to open each patron 
in a separate tab.

A nice wishlist item that we might want to add to LP is a retrieve-all 
option in the user bucket so that you can retrieve all of those patrons 
in fewer clicks.

I hope this helps!

On 11/08/2017 12:29 PM, Diane Disbro wrote:
> Good morning –
> When our bookmobile visits school, students from more than one class 
> come onto the bookmobile at the same time. In XUL, staff keep several 
> teacher accounts open at once so that they can flip between classes as 
> they serve patrons.
> Is there a way to do the same thing in Webby without creating 
> permanent tabs for each teacher at each school – which, of course, we 
> can’t do because the Favorites bar isn’t long enough?
> Thank you.
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