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J. Sara Paulk jspaulk at houpl.org
Tue Jan 2 09:39:23 EST 2018

As no one replied, here are my two cents worth.

Oh and I also had the problem of the bills not adding up right. Part of 
that was do to the amount duplicating itself depending on how many notes 
someone had on their account.  Two notes- amount doubled.  Three notes, 
amount added in three times, etc.  So even though it may end up 
duplicating the patron's name in the report, I include Notes Content to 
avoid that problem and once I have the results, you could remove 
duplicates of barcodes.

My solution is still a bit clunky, but the duplicating of amount 
stopped, so the amount is truer.  This is a description of the report -

List of patrons owing more than X amount. Use over $10.01. Displays 
Barcode, name, balance owed (sum) email address, alert message and 
expiration date. Filtered on User home library and balanced owed 
(greater than or equal to).

Obviously, you could set the base amount at whatever or not include the 
expiration date or the alerts - I would recommend keeping the user notes.

   I have copied the screenshot and attached.   I'll repeat the 
information in case you can't see the image.

The Database Source is the :  Classic Open Transaction Summary

The displayed fields are : Alert Message, Notes Content, User Barcode, 
Last Name, First Name, Balance Owed (with a Field Transform of Sum), 
Email address and Privilege Expiration Date).

The paths are as follows.

Classic Open Transaction Summary -> Balance Owed -> Field Transform of 
Sum.  (Displayed field)

Classic Open Transaction Summary-> User Link -> Alert Message -> Raw 
(Displayed field)

Classic Open Transaction Summary -> User Link -> Current Library Card -> 
Barcode (Displayed field)

Classic Open Transaction Summary -> User Link -> Current Library Card 
->User Notes ->Note Content  (displayed field)

Classic Open Transaction Summary -> User Link -> Current Library Card 
->User ->   {whatever specific info you want to pull from the patron's 
record - i.e. last name, phone, mailing, etc. etc. }

There are no Base Filters.
On the Aggregate Filter,   the filter field is Balance Owed, Field 
Transform is Sum and Operator is Greater than or equal to  {again, you 
could change this as you wish}

Hope this is helpful!

J. Sara Paulk, Director
Houston County Public Library System
1201 Washington St.,  Perry, GA  31069

(478) 987-3050  Ext. 5  / Fax (478) 987-1862
jspaulk at houpl.org     http://houpl.org/

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