[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] unAPI from getAttribute in WWW/SuperCat.pm?

Daniel Wells dbwells at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 11:46:41 EST 2018

Thanks for the additional information.  Yeah, if you are limited to
communicating via Z39.50, then your options are going to be much more
confined.  I don't think your strategy here is off track.  Hopefully others
using Z39.50/SRU more regularly can chime in if another path seems better.

It looks like you will also need to add that subfield to the actual 852
field output a few lines down, but you probably already figured that part
out :)

Finally, please submit a branch and bug on Launchpad once you have this
working for you, as this seems like something others might find useful.


On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 10:37 AM, John Merriam <jmerriam at biblio.org> wrote:

> Hi Dan.
> Yes, 'copy_id' is what I was looking for.  Thank you so much for that!
> We need to have the id from the asset.copy table in the 852 subfield f of
> our Z39.50 output for our holdings.  I'm not sure exactly why but it is my
> understanding that certain vendors that we work with need it there.
> If there is some other place we should be doing this I would like to
> know.  It seems to me WWW/SuperCat.pm is the only place to do it.
> Thanks again!
> On 1/2/2018 10:23 AM, Daniel Wells wrote:
>> Hello John,
>> This part of the code is pulling data from the unapi.bre() function in
>> the DB, so in this case, you want 'copy_id', i.e.:
>> ...
>> f => $copy->getAttribute('copy_id'),
>> ...
>> This said, I think we'd all be interested to know exactly what you are
>> trying to accomplish, as there are other existing APIs for getting copy
>> IDs, so I am not sure if adding it into this SRU function is the easiest
>> way to go.
>> Sincerely,
>> Dan
>> On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 9:50 AM, John Merriam <jmerriam at biblio.org
>> <mailto:jmerriam at biblio.org>> wrote:
>>     Hello.  I am working in the perl module WWW/SuperCat.pm and trying
>>     to get the id of a row in asset.copy.  For some reason I am getting
>>     back what looks like an unAPI URI instead of just the id of the
>>     row.  I've been staring at this for a while and not sure why this is
>>     happening or the best way to fix it.  This is around line 2030 in my
>>     WWW/SuperCat.pm in EG 2.12.8.  The basic code flow in
>>     WWW/SuperCat.pm is:
>>     results retrieved from cstore
>>     my $marcxml = XML::LibXML->load_xml(...);
>>     my @copies;
>>     for my $node ($marcxml->getElementsByTagName('holdings')) {
>>        for my $volume ($node->getElementsByTagName('volume')) {
>>          for my $copy ($volume->getElementsByTagName('copy')) {
>>            push @copies, {
>>              f => $copy->getAttribute('id'),
>>            };
>>     f ends up with unAPI stuff in it instead of just the row id that I
>>     am looking for.  It looks like:
>>     ftag:open-ils.org:U2 at acp/5826234
>>     The part that I want is after the /   I put in a hack to manipulate
>>     the unAPI string and strip out the / and everything in front of it
>>     but I don't want to leave it that way.  I would like to do this the
>>     correct way.
>>     I'm not sure if it really is supposed to behave this way or not.
>>     Assuming it is, I was thinking maybe a function exists that can
>>     extract the row id from the unAPI URI?  I wasn’t able to find one.
>>     Any ideas how to correctly get just the real row id from the
>>     database without the unAPI stuff?
>>     Thanks in advance!
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> John Merriam
> Evergreen System Specialist
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> 203-577-4070 x108
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