[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Adding patron info to checkout receipts - quick poll

Tina Ji tina.ji at bc.libraries.coop
Tue Jan 23 15:31:48 EST 2018

We need item price. Some of our libraries sum up the price of checked  
out items and print a you-saved-so-much note.

I also think Author and Remaining_renewal may be helpful.

Thank you!

Quoting "Boyer, Jason A" <JBoyer at library.in.gov>:

> I'm basically done with  
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1737540 but before making  
> a potential privacy faux-pas or leaving out anything potentially  
> useful I wanted to get some opinions. (My hope is that no library  
> uses the whole prefix, first, middle, last, suffix anywhere, but  
> prefix + last, just first, or first +middle initial might be useful)
> Here's what I'm planning to add to a patron object in checkout receipts:
> prefix
> first_given_name
> second_given_name
> family_name
> suffix
> barcode
> money_summary.total_owed
> money_summary.total_paid
> money_summary.balance_owed
> expire_date (can be used with ng-show to give a little reminder that  
> your account will expire soon)
> alias
> has_email (a boolean for use with ng-show; "Have you signed up for  
> our newsletters?" or "Have an email? Add it to your account to get  
> notifications about your holds!" etc.)
> has_phone (same)
> I'm duplicating the patron_money information because there's no need  
> for a separate patron and patron_money objects. In the interest of  
> not breaking existing templates the patron_money object would still  
> be in place; just not mentioned anywhere. I considered usrname but  
> couldn't see a use case.
> Are there any strong opinions about adding more fields or removing  
> some of these? I figure it's better to knock this out all at once  
> rather than poking at it repeatedly with tiny changes.
> Jason
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> Jason Boyer
> MIS Supervisor
> Indiana State Library
> http://library.in.gov/

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