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Do you have a personal account or a business account?

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The Poplar Bluff Municipal Library uses PayPal for online payments. There's a place in Evergreen settings to place the PayPal API. Paypal provides the API in your customer profile, you simply copy and paste this API into the Evergreen settings. Staff can then accept credit\debit card payments via the Evergreen client and patrons can pay with debit\credit cards from My Account via the OPAC. We can process payments with a dummy patron account in the Evergreen client for anyone who doesn't have a library card (i.e copies, book sales, etc.)  Staff process credit/debit card payments for meeting rooms via phone or in person via the Evergreen client; however, Paypal will allow staff to develop a payment button to place on our website that would allow patrons to pay for meeting rooms from the website, we just haven't launched this feature yet.

We will shortly be launching a Donate now button on our website, that will allow patrons to send a one time or monthly recurring donation to the library using their Paypal account or credit/debit card.

The amounts taken in each day are reflected in our Evergreen daily cash report.  We have PayPal set up to "autosweep" our balance into our bank account each night.

We have been running with this setup since 2011-2012. Last time I ran the numbers, it was averaging 9-10% of receipts in PayPal fees.

Let me know if you would like any additional details.

Shannon Midyett
Assistant Director

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On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 1:09 PM Bill Coffey <bill.coffey at waynegov.com<mailto:bill.coffey at waynegov.com>> wrote:
We are wanting to dip our hands into paying online for:

•         Fines and fees

•         Friends of the Library

•         Fees for use of the Meeting rooms

•         Other items

Has anyone started using Paying online for any of the above especially Fines and fees thru Evergreen.
Any Information would greatly be appreciated especially on how it is setup and how easy it was.
Thanks in advance.

Bill Coffey
Systems Administrator
Wayne County Public Library
1001 E. Ash St
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Phone:  (919) 735-6249
Cell:      (919) 750-6456
Fax:     (919) 731-2889
email:   bill.coffey at waynegov.com<mailto:bill.coffey at waynegov.com>

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