[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Copy level hold

Tina Ji tina.ji at bc.libraries.coop
Fri Dec 13 13:40:40 EST 2019

Hi all,

Our libraries have different hold hard and soft boundaries. Usually  
the hard boundary is 1 (group) and soft boundary is 2 (individual  
libraries). But sometimes our libraries place copy level holds on  
items outside the soft boundary.

We've been having issues with such copy level holds. What is noticeble  
is such copy level holds are not on the pull list or triggered on  
checkin, though the copies are available. But this is not consistent.  
We do find similar holds that are triggered.

Digging into the hold records I noticed the selection_ou = pickup_ou  
and selection_depth = 2. My interpretation is the hold can be filled  
by the pickup_ou or its subordinates' item only. But the target of the  
hold is an item that does not belong to the the pickup_ou or its  
subordiantes. I am puzzled whether such holds are designed to be  
filled or not.

Another related issue:

Sometimes placing copy level holds requires overriding duo to the hold  
boundary settings. Usually holds placed by overriding the policy need  
to wait for eligible copies to be added to the database. In the copy  
level hold scenario, there can not be any eligible copies added  
(target is the copy id). What is the designed behaviour on such forced  
copy level holds?

Please note that overriding does not appear to be the cause of the  
inconsistent copy level holds filling mentioned above.

I hope someone may shed some light on the designed behaviour.

Thank you

Tina Ji
1-888-848-9250 ext 1014
Support Specialist
BC Libraries Co-operative

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