[Eg-oversight-board] Proposal to research design practices in Evergreen

Ben Hyman ben.hyman at bc.libraries.coop
Tue Oct 28 19:35:43 EDT 2014

Hi all,

Kathy Lussier and I spoke with Michelle Purcell today. Michelle contacted me in late September, as follows:

> Hello, I am a PhD student at Drexel University in the College of Computing and Informatics.  My research focuses on design practices in open source projects.  From what I've read about Evergreen the project would be interesting to study as part of my doctoral research.  Would it be possible to talk with you briefly about Evergreen and the possibility of it including it in my research?  
> For additional information I've attached my research proposal.  Additional information about me can be found at https://drexel.academia.edu/MichelleWPurcell.

See attached research proposal. Based on the conversation we had with Michelle today, I think its fair to say that Kathy and I see no reason why Michelle shouldn't proceed, with several potential benefits for the Evergreen community (Michelle is a former Software Dev and expressed interest in connecting with Kathy on a bite size project, e.g.). Michelle is looking now for a letter of support from us, as follows:

> Dear Michelle Purcell:
> I have reviewed your research proposal, “Human-centered Design Practices in Vertical Market Free and Open Source Software.”  I understand that you will virtually conduct both interviews with community members and ethnographic observations of the community’s collaboration processes and information technology use.  Additional data collected will consist of publicly available data collected from the Internet, e.g., mailing lists, web pages, issue tracker data, and Internet relay chat.
> We would like to collaborate with your research team as an active participant in the study.

Any thoughts, concerns or stipulations you would like to see?
All the best,

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