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Deborah Luchenbill deborah at mobiusconsortium.org
Thu Aug 3 16:10:42 EDT 2017

Leslie, I asked Blake about your question (he's not subscribed to this
list) because he just did this.  His response is below (I will make a
caveat--the data being migrated is from a home-grown ILS of another library
system in Missouri, so it's not from a commercial vendor).


This is good timing. I just migrated acquisitions data for a soon-to-join
library. We generally discourage migration of acquisitions data because of
fiscal years and reporting. Or, if we can, we time the migration between
fiscal years, so that the library can start fresh acquisitions in Evergreen
and leave their old ILS data intact on the old system.

In this case, we went ahead and migrated the data because they strictly
used it with a single vendor. They also do not use Fund sources. The data
was purely for copy creation. It turned out that we were able to create the
purchase orders, lineitems, lineitem_details, and invoices from the data.
Skipping the funding sources all together. This enabled us to populate the
catalog with the copies created from the migrated purchase orders.

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On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 1:46 PM, Leslie St. John <
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> We will be bringing in to our consortium a new library system that is
> already using Acquisitions from another ILS. I wonder, has anyone every
> migrated Acqusitions data from one ILS to another?  I can't imagine it, but
> there's at least one vendor out there who thinks this can be done.
> If yes, please reply ON the list.
> Thanks,
> Leslie
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