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Today is my first day back after the conference where I've had time to look at list mail, so I just saw your message today.  I'm very excited to see this work on the Acquisitions module!  I'm especially happy to see the proposal to handle provider records and searching more like the patron records, which is what I've been wishing for ever since we migrated to Evergreen last year.

I have a couple of comments on the proposal.  One is that in the provider record, I don't see a field for FEIN.  Our budget office has required us to provide the FEIN for all our vendors, for the past 20 years or so.  They will not pay anyone without an FEIN or SSN, and have required us to get that information from our providers. I wonder if you all could consider adding a dedicated field for FEIN on the provider records, along with the name, provider code and SAN.

Our other big problem with the provider records is that we made extensive use of vendor notes in our former ILS.  These were actually all migrated to Evergreen.  But they're useless to us because, although there is a notes field in the Evergreen provider record, it does not display in the client.  I don't see a notes field for providers anywhere in the proposal.  No doubt adding a notes field would throw off the quote provided, but it's a big concern for our library.  We've got plenty of places for notes on patron records in Evergreen; I'd like to see something similar for provider records.  Maybe this could be kept in mind for future development?

Those two points aside, this proposal would be a great advance for acquisitions in Evergreen.  I am looking forward to seeing the improvements!

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Hi all,

I'm sending along a link to the overview of the acquisitions development project that was discussed at the acquisitions interest group this morning.

Equinox created this report, which breaks down a project to move acquisitions to AngularJS (or Angular) in ten different sprints. The report also includes some draft mock-ups for acquisitions interfaces.
Many thanks to Georgia PINES for funding this report!

Along with this report, MassLNC has received a quote to create tech specs for this project. We'll be reviewing the quote over the next few weeks and will possibly reaching out to the community for help in funding this project.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


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