[Evergreen-acq] Problem when activating a PO with a line not linked to the catalog in 3.1.13

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I have!  And also in 3.2.


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Subject: [Evergreen-acq] Problem when activating a PO with a line not linked to the catalog in 3.1.13

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Hi all,

I've tested this in both XUL and Web client 3.1.13.

Has anyone encountered this issue? When I have a PO lineitem that isn't linked to the catalog, activating the PO brings me to the Vandelay screen where I fill in a new queue name. The problem comes after I click on submit.
The window pops up saying Creating bib, call number, and copy records. Real copies processed  progress bar goes to 100% and then hangs.

When I give up and close that window myself, I don't get returned to the PO unless (in XUL) I refresh, or (in web) I click on Open in a new Window.

When I get back to the PO, the lineitem is linked to the catalog, but the PO hasn't been activated. I have to click on Activate again to get it to finish this process.

I know it didn't behave this way before. And considering our libraries usually upload Vendor records to create their POs, maybe they won't stumble on this. I just wondered if others have experienced it, or if it's just us.



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