[Evergreen-acq] Ordering a mix of print books and ebooks with EDI turned on

Tiffany Little tlittle at georgialibraries.org
Thu Oct 29 11:29:01 EDT 2020

Hi Jane,

I can say that for PINES libraries, we don't transmit ebook orders via EDI.
Probably what I would do in this case is set up another provider profile,
something like Vendor_ebooks maybe, so that our EDI orders don't mix at all
with ebook ordering (which I would not set up with EDI). But I'd probably
be happiest with another profile so (a) I can always immediately
distinguish which orders were ebook and which were not, and (b) if those
are two different accounts with the vendor I like specifying that with
provider profiles.

If they're one account, thennnn that's something different since you'll get
EDI invoices for both physical book orders and ebook ones. At that point, I
might take it to a discussion with the vendor about how they're invoicing
you (making sure that they're separating out material type in invoices,
since you don't want invoicing mixing ebook/physical books), and
potentially separating out ebooks into another account number.

If you don't want on-order records, and you don't want to receive them, I
wouldn't put them through a lineitem at all. I would just do a blanket
order (assuming you want to encumber the money ahead of time), and apply
invoices against it. If you don't need to encumber the money ahead of time
(you're okay waiting for invoices), I would cut out the PO entirely and
just use direct charges on invoices. But having that Vendor_ebooks provider
allows you to log those invoices not against your Vendor_books provider and
keep them separate.

And then re: EDI, I would just order those through the vendor website so
that you can specify those platform/license issues directly in their

Others may have better suggestions, since after all that blather I really
said that we don't do this. :) But that's my thought, fwiw.


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On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 7:09 PM Jane Sandberg <sandbej at linnbenton.edu>

> Hi friends,
> We purchase both ebooks and print books from a particular book vendor.
> Since we are using EDI for the print books, it gets tricky to figure out
> what to do for ebooks.
> One issue is that the Evergreen line item details don't have a field for
> ebook platform or ebook license (e.g. whether it is a 1-user, 3-user, or
> unlimited-user license).  We need to be able to convey that information
> somehow via EDI in order for the vendor to know what we want.
> A trickier issue is that we don't want any on-order item records to get
> generated for ebooks, or to have to go through the "receive" process.
> How are other libraries handling this?
> Thanks,
>   -Jane
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