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Kate Coleman kcoleman at jeffcolib.org
Fri Jan 29 10:20:31 EST 2021

Please excuse the cross-posting, I wanted this to reach as many as possible.

We have come to the end of everything we can do concerning the
deduplication and the issues regarding the holds and them targeting items
that are "linked" to them. Please keep an eye out for items on the wrong
records, especially juvenile items that have series titles in them. If any
items are found to have merged onto the wrong record, please let the
cataloging list know, or let me know and I'll relay the message.

Regarding the holds issue, I LOVE how Circulation Committee chair Diane
described this to me this morning: "The problem isn't holds skating from
one record to another. The problem is that Complete Set holds skate to
other records that offer Complete Sets. That's a fine distinction with the
same result."

Her instructions to ensure holds for TV series (and anything with parts,
really) is going to target the right thing is:

1.  Place copy holds after verifying the item is on the shelf.
2.  When filling holds from the pull list, make sure the title on the pull
list and the title on the box match. The barcode on the pull list and the
barcode on the box may match even though the titles don't. Only the barcode
on the pull list will fill the hold but the patron won't get what he wants
if the title on the box isn't the same as the title on the pull list. If
the title's aren't the same, don't fill the hold. You can leave the hold to
move on to the next library and hope the right title is targeted or you can
investigate. If the requesting patron is your patron, create a copy hold
for the right title. If the requesting patron belongs to a different
library, notify that library about the problem so that they can place a
copy hold.

Over time, these issues will iron out. They are fresh now and it will be a
hill we'll climb. But as you always hear from me, the deduplication was an
overall success.

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