[Evergreen-general] Track 1 and Keynote

Rogan Hamby rogan.hamby at equinoxoli.org
Tue Jun 8 15:14:37 EDT 2021

A new set of videos is ready on the Evergreen Youtube channel.  This set
includes lightning talks, the Keynote and most of Track 1.

Welcome and Keynote https://youtu.be/BZzdL1OgxTY
Connecting Evergreen to External Services https://youtu.be/sPG5TYnjzec
Picture Perfect: Icons in Evergreen https://youtu.be/-5A8EtZ-OvU
It’s a Feature, Not a Bug: New Feature Highlights for 3.6 and 3.7
Localization Is So Much More Than Just Translation
Curbside and Other Delivery and Outreach Ideas https://youtu.be/F0ea411BEoI
Ask Not What Evergreen Can Do For You https://youtu.be/BCZ2y6lJAdo
Catalogers Organizing Locally https://youtu.be/TO4yf8lW5rU
Batches, Baskets, Buckets, Bookbags, and Carousels
Implications of Earwyrms for Evergreen Metadata https://youtu.be/YWMSDzNNhQw
Lightning Talks - Day https://youtu.be/oR26U2A33pg & Day 2

Rogan Hamby (he/him/his), MLIS

Data and Project Analyst

Equinox Open Library Initiative

rogan.hamby at equinoxOLI.org

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