[Evergreen-general] How are you using Privacy Waiver?

Thomsen, Elizabeth et at noblenet.org
Fri Jun 25 10:07:14 EDT 2021

We're interested in learning more about how libraries are using the Privacy
feature.  This gives patrons a way to grant permission to one or more
people to place holds, pickup holds, view borrowing history, or check out
items on their account.  Patrons can add and edit this information in the
OPAC, and staff can add and edit this in the Patron editor.  (See

This feature doesn't actually control any circulation functions or link
patron records together, it's really just an online permission slip, but
this is a big step up from how we have handled these situations in the
past, using notes, etc.  We turned this on shortly before the libraries
closed, and now that they are open again, library staff have questions.

   - *Pickup holds *-- This is the most straightforward situation, and
   means that John has permission to pick up Mary's holds, and check them out
   on Mary's card.  Do libraries ask John for any identification?  Do
   libraries have situations where John wants to check out Mary's holds on his
   own card?  How do they handle this?
   - *Checkout items* -- This gives John permission to checkout items that
   were not on hold.  Are there any issues here with him actually presenting
   Mary's card or having staff look up Mary's card, or identification issues?
   - *Place holds* -- This allows John to make staff-placed holds on Mary's
   - *View borrowing history* -- Can staff even view Mary's borrowing
   history, assuming she has that turned on?  All the other features refer to
   transactions with staff, and this "viewing" option doesn't seem to fit
   here.  For active patrons, viewing history tends to be very unwieldy to
   work with.  Or is this meant to imply that he can log into Mary's account,
   in which case he could view her checkout history and place holds, but would
   also have access to editing all her information and preferences, which
   depending on the circumstances, may or may not be a good thing.

This isn't the kind of feature you can actually test on the system, we're
really just looking for help explaining these options to patrons and
circulation staff.

Thanks in advance!

Elizabeth B. Thomsen
Member Services Manager
NOBLE: North of Boston Library Exchange
Danvers, Mass.
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