[Evergreen-general] Catalog search filters in staff client

Benjamin Kalish bkalish at forbeslibrary.org
Fri May 14 10:17:37 EDT 2021

I don't believe you need the asterisk. Leaving that field blank should be

*But also...*

My understanding is that we can't rely on the OPAC to return all results
when many items match the criteria—for that you need to run a report.
Unless the collection is very small, limiting to a shelving location and
not providing any keywords will likely result in items missing from the
returned results. Someone please correct me if I am wrong—I'd love to be
wrong about this—but we ran into this same problem years ago and this is
what we were told at that time.

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On Thu, May 13, 2021 at 11:57 AM Simone Rauscher <srauscher at grimsby.ca>

> Hi everyone,
> Kendra’s question made me think of something else I have been wondering
> about. I’m working in 3.6, and I’m finding the search filters in the staff
> client Catalog Keyword Search are not working for me the way I thought they
> would. Particularly, searching by shelving location or “All Copy Locations”.
> As an example, When I try to look up all the items we have in our French
> Language collection. I go to the filter options and in “All copy locations”
> and select “French Language (GRIMSBY)”, put a * in the search field and
> press enter.
> This I would think should bring up all the records that have copies
> attached with the Shelving Location of “French Language (GRIMSBY)”, but I
> get a bunch of a results that do not meet these parameters. Bibs with no
> items attached, random DVDs, video games etc. I’ve tried to choose “French”
> under the “All Languages”, but they just gives me a different set of random
> results.
> Is there a trick I am missing? Maybe I can’t use * to do a blanket type
> search like this? Basically I’d like to be able to look up every title I
> have in a specific collection without having to run a report. Any tips?
> Anyone know of any bugs? Thanks!
> Simone Rauscher
> Cataloguing and Collections Coordinator
> srauscher at grimsby.ca
> 905-309-2063
> Grimsby Public Library
> www.grimsby.ca/library
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