[Evergreen-general] Holds Pull List revamp

Will Matheson wmatheson at princerupertlibrary.ca
Wed Oct 27 14:59:50 EDT 2021

Good day,

Apologies if this is already on the development roadmap / in the 
pipeline. Also the mailing list address on the documentation is the old one:

So, I was in a position to use the Holds Pull List last night and a 
couple of things bothered me about it.

- It would be nice if the requesting library and number of potential 
items could appear on the print template. The reason why we would use 
this is that we preferentially pull items for our own patrons and for 
other federation libraries, only pulling items for out-of-federation 
libraries in British Columbia in the Sitka instance when the number of 
potential items is 2 or less.

- The printing doesn't happen in the order that they're sorted in. Now 
it is still ordered by shelving location, which is useful, but it 
doesn't go the extra step and order by call number within the shelving 
location. So there's potentially extra running around back and forth.

- It would be good to be able to only print selected items, much like 
how printing from Items Out works. As it is, what I had to do was print 
the list, then sort the on-screen list by potential items, then work my 
way in descending order (until I reached 2 potential items) crossing out 
items on the printed list with a pen where the requesting library (on 
the screen) was an out-of-federation library.

Do let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree and I will happily 
redirect my informal out-of-band feature begging elsewhere.

Thank you,

William Matheson
Library Assistant - Technical
Prince Rupert Library

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