[Evergreen-general] "Digital" Cards and Library/School Partnerships

Kaffenberger, Keith KKaffenberger at library.IN.gov
Thu Oct 28 13:32:08 EDT 2021

Question to other libraries and consortium heads out there - how do you handle libraries that want to partner with schools to issue student cards to all existing students en masse? In particular:

  *   Do you just live with the fact that this will almost certainly result in duplicate accounts? Do you group the duplicate accounts together?
  *   Do you have a policy in place specifically to enable this or outline a best practice?
  *   Really the one I'm most curious about - for libraries that don't want to issue physical library cards to students, but instead just rely on issuing an in-house barcode number, has that caused any issues that should be planned for or worked around? Offhand, I don't see too much potential damage from libraries that want to issue card numbers that aren't linked to physical cards, but I am playing on the defensive this week haven't had the mental bandwidth put it through the thought-wringer to squeeze out all the delicious thought juice. I would imagine you'd want to keep the prefix the same for accessing databases and services that validate based on library card prefix, but certainly seems far more sane to create a specific prefix that denotes these are non-physical cards.

I appreciate your insight and feedback immensely!


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