[Evergreen-general] "Digital" Cards and Library/School Partnerships

Terran McCanna tmccanna at georgialibraries.org
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Since we're not issuing physical cards, there isn't a problem with lost
cards, which is nice. Also, we're using a custom version of the Hemlock app
for Evergreen and that allows the library card number / barcode to display
for those kids that have mobile devices. Most of the big vendors our
libraries use are no longer authenticating by prefix, but those that are
just need to add the custom prefixes to their lists. (We have a custom
prefix for each school district.)

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On Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 1:32 PM Kaffenberger, Keith via Evergreen-general <
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> Question to other libraries and consortium heads out there – how do you
> handle libraries that want to partner with schools to issue student cards
> to all existing students en masse? In particular:
>    - Do you just live with the fact that this will almost certainly
>    result in duplicate accounts? Do you group the duplicate accounts together?
>    - Do you have a policy in place specifically to enable this or outline
>    a best practice?
>    - Really the one I’m most curious about - for libraries that don’t
>    want to issue physical library cards to students, but instead just rely on
>    issuing an in-house barcode number, has that caused any issues that should
>    be planned for or worked around? Offhand, I don’t see too much potential
>    damage from libraries that want to issue card numbers that aren’t linked to
>    physical cards, but I am playing on the defensive this week haven’t had the
>    mental bandwidth put it through the thought-wringer to squeeze out all the
>    delicious thought *juice*. I would imagine you’d want to keep the
>    prefix the same for accessing databases and services that validate based on
>    library card prefix, but certainly seems far more sane to create a specific
>    prefix that denotes these are non-physical cards.
> I appreciate your insight and feedback immensely!
> Cheers,
> Keith
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