[Evergreen-general] E-resources acq

Blake Henderson blake at mobiusconsortium.org
Mon May 9 16:43:28 EDT 2022


Please excuse my ignorance. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Is anyone using Evergreen for ERM somehow? Can Acq accommodate? I could 
see a scenario where a library could record the money spent by recording 
invoices. And debiting the appropriate funds. But that wouldn't tie back 
to a bib record. Because, correct me if I'm wrong, you'd need to get 
items on your invoice for Evergreen to make the connection to the bib?

Knowing that, perhaps we can still make it happen with two steps: using 
Acq for invoice tracking. And crafting/curating the MARC to save the 
fund code in a special place. Loading the bibs using standard methods.

What are you doing? Coral? Something else?

Conducting Magic

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