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Murphy, Benjamin Benjamin.Murphy at ncdcr.gov
Fri Oct 21 11:16:31 EDT 2022

After a successful shelving location consolidation project a few years ago, we've found ourselves in a scenario where 85% of our shelving location are flagged as deleted, but they still show up in the Shelving Locations Editor interface. We'd like to properly purge these shelving locations from the database, but before doing so we'll need to update a bunch of legacy data like deleted items, old circulations, acquisition line items etc. Based on our consolidation project we have a map of old shelving location to new shelving location, and we can find which tables reference asset.copy_location so that we know what data to update to the new identifiers, but we're also aware of other places where shelving locations can show up like item templates and reports.

Have any of you taken on a project to actually purge shelving location entries from the asset.copy_location table? If so, do you have any words of advice for things to look out for or address in the process other than strictly updating an ID from one value to another in a database table?

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