[Evergreen-general] Money Shcema (was Next Reports Interest Group Meeting - October 26 at 3 PM at the Evergreen Hack A Way!)

Jason Stephenson jason at sigio.com
Thu Oct 27 10:26:10 EDT 2022

On 10/27/22 09:41, Lindsay Stratton via Evergreen-general wrote:
> Hi all -
> Kind of a random nitpicky question about Evergreen data tables...
> In the database, I'm looking at money schema, specifically the various 
> billable/billing summary tables and wondering if the transactions 
> included that do not have last billing anything or total owed values 
> were returned before accruing any fines, or circ transactions that would 
> never have accrued fines because of non-fine bearing circ rules?
> Looking at xact_start and xact_finish dates for those records, it looks 
> like the former. But... I'm a little hesitant. Does anybody know?


Yes, that is the reason. If you look at the action.circulation table, it 
inherits from money.bibllable_xaxt. This means that every circulation 
has a corresponding row in money.billable_xact, even if there is no 
actual bill.

Hope that helps,

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