[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Importing Bibliographic Information

Jason Stephenson jstephenson at mailserv.mvlc.lib.ma.us
Thu Jul 26 15:03:02 EDT 2007

Don, et al.,

Thanks for the information about the 852 tag. This is very helpful.

I have so far tried importing about 850,000 bib records into Evergreen 
from our Horizon database, and the process did not go well. Apparently, 
our Core 2 Duo with 4 GB of RAM cannot handle processing all 850,000 
bibs at once, so I will have to break it up into chunks.

I'm wondering if you have any benchmarks for how much RAM/CPU resources 
the conversion programs use per X number of records. The 
direct_ingest.pl on my test machine segfaulted after about 250,000 
records. I'm assuming that I'll need to load them in batches of 50,000 
to 100,000 to be successful.

Also, for Deanna, I have a specific question. Can you tell me what 
parameters you used for your export target in Horizon to get your item 
info into the 852, please? I'm looking at this for our consoritum right 
now and while I have some ideas, it would save me a lot of time teasing 
it out if I had someone else's to look at.


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