[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Importing Bibliographic Information

Jason Stephenson jstephenson at mailserv.mvlc.lib.ma.us
Thu Jul 26 15:59:25 EDT 2007


Thank you very much for the info. which I deleted in my reply. That is 
most helpful and will get me more than started. I'll look at the link 
you included as well, since the more information I can get the better.

> So far, we just haven't had time to look at transferring patron data,
> but I hope we will have time to do that in late August.  If anyone has
> some spare time they can loan me....

Right now, I'm thinking that I will see how the patron data is laid out 
in Evergreen and then write a perl or SQL  to dump our patron data from 
horizon into a tab-delimited file that I can just load into our 
Evergreen database. First, I want to get bibs and items in there.

I'm thinking that something similar would work for statistical data, but 
that's trickier to get at in Horizon since that part of the system is 
not very well documented. (At least, not that I've seen.)

We're perfectly willing to share anything that we come up with for 
Horizon to Evergreen migration. Right now, we are exploring Evergreen as 
an option. We don't know what we're going to do when the time comes, but 
we're expecting to move to something else in 2009. However, I'd like to 
know what I need to do for a full migration, so I can tell the directors 
in my consortium that a switch to Evergreen would likely take X days, etc.


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