[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] sorting catalog search results

Cristina Hernandez Trotter chtrotter at ocrl.org
Thu Mar 1 11:05:51 EST 2007

Hello, all,

I completely agree that we need a sorting function on the OPAC (by 
relevance, author, by title, and by publication date). Personally, I agree 
that only one drop down box is needed for sorting.  If someone was curious 
about the older publications they could skip to the last page of results and 
page backwards. The other option would be to have the directional options 
included within the one drop-down box (Relevance, Author A-Z; Author Z-A; 
Title A-Z; Title Z-A; Most recent first, Oldest first).

I am new librarian in the PINES system, and I want to quickly say that I 
applaud everyone who has worked on Evergreen for taking on a such an 
exciting and ambitious project.   As a previous cataloger and new reference 
librarian, I am very interested in the design of OPACs, their usability and 
functionality. Is there some sort of end-user group/committee where I could 
focus this energy? Or should I just post questions and suggestions to this 

Cristina Hernandez Trotter
Head of Reference
Oconee Regional Library - www.ocrl.org
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Dublin, GA 31021
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