[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] 226 subscribers

Edward Corrado corrado at tcnj.edu
Thu Mar 22 20:24:26 EDT 2007

Hi Brad, et al.,

I'm Edward Corrado. I'm the systems librarian at The College of New
Jersey. The main reason why I joined this list is that I am very
interested in using Open Source Software in Libraries and I wanted to stay
informed with what is happening with Evergreen. At this point we use a
proprietary ILS, but maybe (hopefully?) in the future that will change.

Like brad, I am more of a Systems Administrator type than a
programmer/developer. However, I do like to install and use Open Source as
much as possible. Also, I'm the president and co-founder of the Linux
Users Group/In Princeton/ So, if anyone is ever looking for a LUG meeting
in central Jersey, you know who to ask :-).

Edward Corrado

> Hi folks,
> You know, there are 226 subscribers to this list. That's really amazing.
> So, anyone care to break the ice and introduce themselves? It's awfully
> quiet in here. I'm sure someone has something more interesting to say
> than I do. :)
> Well, ok, fine, twist my arm... I'll go first and introduce myself. I'm
> Brad LaJeunesse, one of the instigators behind the Evergreen project
> here at the Georgia Public Library Service. I'm not a software
> developer, but rather a systems administrator type, and I am primarily
> responsible for the servers that support the PINES consortium's
> installation of Evergreen. I'm also a degree-toting professional
> librarian.
> In addition to my sys-admin duties, I also act as a project manager for
> the Evergreen software development project, yet I will readily admit
> that kind of work is not exactly my forte. There's just some sort of
> similarity between being a 'project manager' and a 'cruise coordinator'
> that I just can't get my head around. (Trust me, you never want to be on
> a cruise that I've coordinated.) Thankfully I have a great team to work
> with.
> So, with my introduction out of the way, why are we all here? Well, ok,
> you're all here because you've heard of Evergreen, are interested in
> Evergreen, something like that... or you're just in the wrong place. :)
> I'm here because this was my crazy idea, so I'm stuck. But the rest of
> you-- what do you want to talk about? What questions do you have? What
> do you want to see on this mailing list?
> If you wish to remain anonymous and send questions/comments directly to
> me, I'd be happy to post them back to this list for you.
> Look forward to hearing from ya'll. If no one speaks up, I'll be forced
> to resort to more devious measures, such as singing karaoke.
> --Brad

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