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Greg Barniskis gregb at
Fri Mar 23 10:53:20 EDT 2007

Jason Stephenson wrote:
> Greg Barniskis wrote:
>> My only pertinent question is for any other FreeBSD fans who've gone 
>> before me... 

> Most of the pre-requisites are in ports. A few of the perl modules are 
> not, but can be installed via CPAN.

No problem there, I used that method for a long time before the 
ports system matured.

> There is this document that I've been using as a guide:

That's what I started working from as well, but it seemed that many 
of the "--enable-this" and "--enable-that" flags cited were in fact 
the build defaults of the ports in question.

I didn't get very far though, as I decided to table experiments 
until I could set up a fresh VMware environment for it and install 
FBSD 6.2-R. That way I can be better prepared to do clean rollbacks 
in case of pilot error. Sounds like you'll have found any exceptions 
before I get a chance to make much more progress. Thanks!

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