FreeBSD (was Re: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] 226 subscribers)

Jason Stephenson jstephenson at
Fri Mar 23 11:01:07 EDT 2007

Greg Barniskis wrote:
> Jason Stephenson wrote:
>> Most of the pre-requisites are in ports. A few of the perl modules are 
>> not, but can be installed via CPAN.
> No problem there, I used that method for a long time before the ports 
> system matured.

Nice thing about CPAN on FreeBSD is that installing that way also makes 
a system package that you can later delete with pkg_delete if you need 
to remove it. These packages all begin with bsdpan- followed by the Perl 
module name.

>> There is this document that I've been using as a guide:
> That's what I started working from as well, but it seemed that many of 
> the "--enable-this" and "--enable-that" flags cited were in fact the 
> build defaults of the ports in question.

Yes, most of the options are enabled by default. Some packages have some 
other tuneable options that may affect performance. I suspect there will 
be some trial and error to figure out what combination can give optimal 

> I didn't get very far though, as I decided to table experiments until I 
> could set up a fresh VMware environment for it and install FBSD 6.2-R. 
> That way I can be better prepared to do clean rollbacks in case of pilot 
> error. Sounds like you'll have found any exceptions before I get a 
> chance to make much more progress. Thanks!

We had some extra money in the budget so we bought an inexpensive, low 
end server to try it out on. Low end servers these days are fairly powerful.

I should have been taking better notes along the way. Now, I'll have a 
harder time coming up with installation instructions for others to follow.

Be sure to read the -dev list. There have been some useful messages on 
there this week, particularly regarding the installation of the 
Net::Z3950 Perl module.


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