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Roger Hiles hilesr at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 23 13:28:54 EDT 2007

I'm Roger Hiles, a systems and tech services librarian currently managing 
the technical services unit of the Pollak Library at California State 
University, Fullerton, previously with Santa Ana College, Chapman 
University, and the Public Library in Huntington Beach, Calif.  I've got an 
undergraduate computer degree as well as the MLS, and my career typically 
lurches between systems-intensive phases and tech services management 

I've worked with ILSs from CLSI, Geac, Endeavor and Innovative, and have 
been following and using open source software for years. I've been very 
impressed with the rise of Koha and Evergreen.

At CSU Fullerton we use the Innovative's Millennium ILS, and are just 
bringing up Verde to work with SFX for e-resources management.  We are also 
developing a simple discovery tool based on the CSU Union catalog (Horizon) 
that we hope have out of beta soon.  We would seem to be heading down a path 
similar to that which Karen Foster describes for McMaster U., in that our 
ILS is becoming a back-end inventory system that must play well with our 
other systems, although we're not in shopping mode (not yet, anyway!).

I'm very interested in Evergreen's coming serials/acquisitions module.

Roger Hiles
Collection & Processing Services Unit Head
Pollak Library, CSUF

'The future is already here: it's just not evenly distributed.' -- William 

>From: "LaJeunesse, Brad" <bradl at georgialibraries.org>
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>To: open-ils-general at list.georgialibraries.org
>Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] 226 subscribers
>Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 19:44:44 -0500
>Hi folks,
>You know, there are 226 subscribers to this list. That's really amazing. 
>So, anyone care to break the ice and introduce themselves? It's awfully 
>quiet in here. I'm sure someone has something more interesting to say than 
>I do. :)
>Well, ok, fine, twist my arm... I'll go first and introduce myself. I'm 
>Brad LaJeunesse, one of the instigators behind the Evergreen project here 
>at the Georgia Public Library Service. I'm not a software developer, but 
>rather a systems administrator type, and I am primarily responsible for the 
>servers that support the PINES consortium's installation of Evergreen. I'm 
>also a degree-toting professional librarian.
>In addition to my sys-admin duties, I also act as a project manager for the 
>Evergreen software development project, yet I will readily admit that kind 
>of work is not exactly my forte. There's just some sort of similarity 
>between being a 'project manager' and a 'cruise coordinator' that I just 
>can't get my head around. (Trust me, you never want to be on a cruise that 
>I've coordinated.) Thankfully I have a great team to work with.
>So, with my introduction out of the way, why are we all here? Well, ok, 
>you're all here because you've heard of Evergreen, are interested in 
>Evergreen, something like that... or you're just in the wrong place. :) I'm 
>here because this was my crazy idea, so I'm stuck. But the rest of you-- 
>what do you want to talk about? What questions do you have? What do you 
>want to see on this mailing list?
>If you wish to remain anonymous and send questions/comments directly to me, 
>I'd be happy to post them back to this list for you.
>Look forward to hearing from ya'll. If no one speaks up, I'll be forced to 
>resort to more devious measures, such as singing karaoke.

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