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David J. Fiander djfiander at fastmail.fm
Sat Mar 24 09:05:14 EDT 2007

On 23-Mar-07, at 10:39 , arhyno at uwindsor.ca wrote:
> effectively with it. The only weak link in the chain has been me  
> and my schedule, and I am working hard to bring closure to many  
> processes so that I can concentrate more fully on this effort.

I'm here because Art was too busy to get involved with the Evergreen  
project when he was approached.  He suggested that I might be a good  
person to contact about helping write the 3M SIP (self-checkout)  
module for the system.

I got a CS degree in '88, and then spent the next twelve years  
working as a systems programmer, first doing Unix kernel work (back  
when you needed a license to see any of the code), and then doing  
software portability consulting for a company called MKS.

I got my library degree in 2000, and was fortunate to get a job right  
out of library school as a traditional reference librarian.  So,  
after six years with no programming whatsoever, it was nice to pick  
it up again.

- David

David J. Fiander
Library Software Development

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