[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Introduction (Re: 226 subscribers) and SomeQuestions

Deanna Frazee dfrazee at ci.killeen.tx.us
Wed Mar 28 17:07:15 EDT 2007

> > One last question.  We spoke with a library consultant about whether
> switch to Evergreen or not.  She advised us to wait a few years until
> other libraries with more programming and technical staff made the
> and Evergreen became more mature.  Do you think this is good advice,
or is
> the water warm to dive right in?  I know my director is eager to
switch to
> something other than Horizon as quickly as possible.

If you can set aside some funds for support from Equinox or another
firm, then you really may not need to worry about waiting all that much.
I am very serious about switching to Evergreen, and I do not have
in-house support for anything beyond Linux.  But I managed just fine
with Horizon without any in-house support at all, and with Evergreen, I
can contract with a 3rd party to provide support.  Considering the
rather large maintenance bill from my current vendor, I am willing to
bet I can get pretty decent support for the same amount.

Deanna Frazee
Killeen City Library System
(254) 501-8995
(254) 501-7704 (fax)
dfrazee at ci.killeen.tx.us

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