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On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 12:32 PM, Deanna  Frazee
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> I think a comparison of support for a traditional ILS and for an
>  open-source ILS would be very interesting to participants.  A lot of

Not a specific comparison, per se, but apropos to your line of thought, I think:


>  ILS's have come and gone, often due to vendor mergers, and those who
>  have been burned are looking for ways to avoid that in the future.
>  Plus, with an open-source system you don't have to wait for your
>  enhancement to be voted on and the tucked into next year's schedule,
>  then ignored when they got stuck on another problem, ad nauseum.  You
>  either do it yourself, hire someone to do, or hope someone does and is
>  willing to share.

Actually, if an institution deploys the software where others can
access it the licenses of all major Open Source ILSs require
(according to the strict interpretation of the FSF) that substantive
changes be shared with the community.  That doesn't mean that the
exact code written at each local installation will get into the main
codebase, but it means that everybody has an obligation to let others
(including those that commit to the main codebase) build on their

>  Of course, I may be biased in thinking that people want to know the
>  longterm viability of the system.  I'm one of those that got burned.
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> > Hey. Im going to be presenting a talk about FOSS in libraries, and am
>  > probably going to focus a lot on evergreen. This brings up the
>  > question of what exactly do you think people would be interested in
>  > seeing at such a conference.
>  >
>  > I was thinking of giving an overview of what Evergreen/open-ils is,
>  > and overview the costs of tradidtional ils' and compare those prices
>  > to prices of evergreen support companies.
>  >
>  > The ill go over installation and demo usage of evergreen.
>  >
>  > does anyone have any more ideas of what i should talk about? possibly
>  > how GPLS sort of instigated its creation?
>  >
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