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And to add yet another comment: I've been trying out various library 
software over the past few months, and I highly recommend experimenting 
using VMWare images. Not only are they easy to set up, but if you make 
mistakes beyond the point of no return, all you have to do is delete the 
image and start over. It's a lot easier than having to rebuild a system 
from the beginning. I wouldn't necessarily recommend a VMWare image for a 
production system, but for scratch monkeys, they can't be beat.

open-ils-general-bounces at list.georgialibraries.org wrote on 04/30/2008 
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> Great response, Jodi - we should probably fold some of that nice,
> straightforward response into the Evergreen FAQ at
> http://open-ils.org/faq.php
> One small comment - VMWare Server and VMWare Player is an application
> that runs on Windows as well as Linux.  So you can actually open up
> one of the Evergreen VMWare images on a Windows system, and have
> Linux, running inside of VMWare, running on Windows. No need to
> install Linux at all. Of course, it helps to have a basic familiarity
> with Linux if you want to get your own MARC records on it, etc...
> 2008/4/30 Jodi Schneider <jschneider at amherst.edu>:
> >
> >
> > Hi B,
> >
> > Glad that you're interested in trying out Evergreen!

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