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Jodi Schneider jschneider at amherst.edu
Thu May 8 15:06:03 EDT 2008

This sounds like an interesting project, Cassandra! Please share your
results when you're done.  Also please consider contributing to the
Evergreen documentation effort, if that dovetails with the rest of your
For instance, perhaps you (or someone else reading them) would be
interested in reformatting Elaine's cataloging notes for the wiki, for
more public accessibility. I see that the "Book of Evergreen" has a nice
wide-open place for cataloging! 
Dan et al: Is the Book of Evergreen generated from the wiki section on
End-User Documentation?  
I can't tell from
http://open-ils.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=documentation:manual  and
PS-It might be worth highlighting documentation contribution, either by
moving it up in the "How to Contribute" procedures, or by splitting it
into its own document. I looked at this 
2 or 3 times before I noticed the "Documentation Contribution" info:
More technical info (about where to contribute--wiki, svn, ...) would
also be useful.

Jodi Schneider
Science Library Specialist
Amherst College



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	To be more specific I will include some questions from the RFP
that was drafted for my special projects class.
	-The system must have the ability to create records by direct
keying, importing from utilities, batch loading, and deriving from
existing records.
	-The system should have a link verifier to check for dead
Internet links and produce a report of those dead links
	-The system should have a link verifier to check for dead
Internet links and produce a report of those dead links
	-The system should be able to handle languages other than
English and to produce the necessary diacritical marks for those other
	-The system should have the capability to display all data in
every field in any record upon retrieval of that record in technical
mode (including all MARC tags, indicators and subfield codes), with
proper authorization. 
	-In technical mode, the system should display all
cross-references whether in use or not (Cross-references not in use
should not display in public mode). 
	This is just a small sampling of some of the questions I was
seeking answers to.  I was able to get some information from other
documentation and others by inference but I could not find great details
about the functionality of the cataloging module.
	Cassandra Mackie
	University of North Texas
	> Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 15:32:15 -0400
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	> 2008/5/7 Cassandra Evans <cjoy_evans at hotmail.com>:
	> >
	> > Hello,
	> > My name is Cassandra and looking for more detailed
information about the
	> > cataloging module. I have looked at the FAQ's and the
Documentation wiki
	> > and can't seem much detailed info. Can someone lead me to
	> > documentation about the cataloging capabilities? I am a
library science
	> > student that is gathering information for a RFP. I
appreciate any help that
	> > can be given.
	> Hi Cassandra:
	> If you could specify what detailed information you're looking
for, it
	> would probably help us either point you in the right direction
if the
	> answer is already in the documentation, or help us offer
	> answers if the answer doesn't already exist...
	> -- 
	> Dan Scott
	> Laurentian University

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