Travis Schafer tschafer at carsoncity.k12.mi.us
Tue Oct 7 13:58:50 EDT 2008

As we've moved further into our transition to Evergreen, we've just started to use OCLC cataloguing (I've been waiting for the support contracts on our former ILS to expire to offset the OCLC costs). By "starting to use," I mean that we have an OCLC authorization. Prior to OCLC, we used Z39.50 with the LOC... which worked well.
However, when do a Z39.50 search with OCLC, the "Results" section of the Evergreen Z39.50 screen says "Showing 0 Results of X", where X is greater than zero. So, it seems to be finding the records, but they are not displayed. Being a network guy, I did a packet trace at our firewall, and I can see the results coming back from OCLC (MARC records are present)... it's just that they aren't listed in the Evergreen interface.
What am I missing?
Thanks for nursing me along,
Travis Schafer
Carson City - Crystal Area Schools
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