[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Evergreen discussion lists indexed by MarkMail

Karen G. Schneider kgs at esilibrary.com
Fri Oct 10 23:38:38 EDT 2008

Thanks to several people at Access 2008 who recommended we make the 
lists more accessible by having them indexed (for free!) by MarkMail, a 
free service provided by the company, Mark Logic. Today MarkMail 
finished indexing the backfiles for the general, documentation, and 
development lists, and you can search and browse here:


We'll all work on getting this blogged/wikified/webpaged in the 
appropriate spots, but thought you might like to know this ASAP. Thanks 
especially for Randy Metcalfe for additional hints and nudges (see him 
here at Access at the new Evergreen Flickr set: 

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