[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] ***SPAM*** Monthly Evergreen communications reminder

Karen Schneider kgs at esilibrary.com
Mon Aug 3 10:48:14 EDT 2009

Here's your monthly omnibus posting about the open-ils-general
discussion list and other communication mechanisms for Evergreen open
source library software.

1. This is the general discussion list for Evergreen open source
library software. Members of this list include Evergreen users,
librarians, library workers, library users, developers, fellow
travelers, or people just plain curious about Evergreen. As of August,
2009, this list had 622 members. Its traffic is moderate (about 6
messages per day).

2. If you are new to this list and not highly technical, you may find
at times this list gets more technical chatter than you want. Hang in
there, members do post "general" stuff that's valuable -- newsletters,
conference updates, etc. -- so let the tech stuff roll past you.
(There is a list for development, but it isn't used as much as

3. This list is archived in several places. These archives offer many features:

** Markmail: http://georgialibraries.markmail.org/search/?q=

** Gmane: http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.education.libraries.open-ils.general

4. About the list name: Open-ILS was the first name for Evergreen (and
is still found here and there in the software and other places).

5. About the list host: georgialibraries.org represents Georgia Public
Library Service, the original home of Evergreen software.

6. There are several other Evergreen lists for development,
documentation, and the commits to the Evergreen code (watch the
Evergreen developers work in real time!). See them here at

7. To subscribe or unsubscribe to this list, change your subscription,
etc., go here:


Other communication tools for the Evergreen community:

1. Evergreen newsletter: this is published once a month to this list
and to the Evergreen blog, generally about the middle of the month. We
announce the deadline a few days ahead, but it's never too early to

2. Evergreen blog: tidbits from the community are occasionally posted
here: http://evergreen-ils.org/blog

3. Evergreen Facebook group (over 300 members!):


4. Evergreen calendar: http://evergreen-ils.org/calendar (send in
events and we'll post them!)

5. Equinox Software is on Twitter as esilibrary (Evergreen could be
there as well, if we had a group willing to manage its presence)

6. Planet Evergreen is an aggregator of blogs about Evergreen, at
http://planet.evergreen-ils.org/ If you blog about Evergreen and want
to be added to the Planet, just send an email to Dan Scott at
dan at coffeecode.net

7. Equinox has its own blog, http://blog.esilibrary.com -- some
interesting posts there from time to time (though you can pick them up
from Planet Evergreen, too)

Feel free to share other avenues of communication about Evergreen.

Happy August!

| Karen G. Schneider
| Community Librarian
| Equinox Software Inc. "The Evergreen Experts"
| Toll-free: 1.877.Open.ILS (1.877.673.6457) x712
| kgs at esilibrary.com
| Web: http://www.esilibrary.com

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