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Evergreen Newsletter

*The newsletter for Evergreen open source library software http://evergreen

*Volume 2, Issue 7 -- August, 2009 *

As a reminder, we will also post this newsletter to the Evergreen general
discussion list (see all Evergreen lists at http://evergreen
-ils.org/listserv.php) and to the Evergreen blog (http://evergreen
-ils.org/blog). Cross-posting and forwarding is encouraged.
In This Issue…

Evergreen Out and About, Evergreen Documentation Survey Needs Your Help,
Evergreen Development Update, Evergreen People, Lyrasis Evergreen Classes,
New Evergreen Libraries, Newsletter Administrivia
 Out and About: An Evergreen Calendar

The one tidbit in this nicely quiet summer month is that the dates for the
next international Evergreen conference have been set: April 21 -23, 2010.
Watch for a site announcement shortly -- the site nomination committee has
been hard at work! <http://evergreen-ils.org/calendar>

If you have Evergreen-related events to add (talks, conferences, etc.), just
email events at evergreen-ils.org.

Documentation Interest Group: Please Take the Survey NLT August 20!

Please help the Evergreen project by taking the documentation needs
assessment survey no later than Thursday, August 20:


This survey will help the Evergreen project prioritize and plan its
activities. You are welcome to take the survey no matter what your role is
in your organization or where you are in your Evergreen journey.

The Evergreen DIG (Documentation Interest Group) has made terrific strides
since forming in late May and committing to single-source, XML-based
documentation. Some of the highlights of this group's activity include a
gorgeous proof of concept, a thorough environmental scan of existing
documentation, careful attention to the group's scope and mission, and, in
work, the all-important style guide. See:

Come on board--there's room for many-a-more!  Email
docs at evergreen-ils.orgfor more info.

 Webinar: Evergreen ILS and MARC Format for Holdings Data (MFHD)

David J. Fiander, Web Services Librarian, University of Western Ontario, did
an outstanding job. For those who couldn't attend, the webinar is here:


Evergreen Development Update

Evergreen is due out this week, and should introduce a few bug

See the Evergreen Roadmap for a full list of enhancements in 1.6, due out
soon, and for a top-level view of what’s coming in 2.0:


Evergreen People
* **VOWS*: When the academic year ended at Charles University in Prague,
Linda Skolkova and Vaclav Jansa, who taught the Evergreen course at the
Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, could finally find some
spare time... to get married! They said their I do’s on July 18 at the New
Town Hall in Prague. You are welcome to virtually join the ceremony and
subsequent celebration at http://www.skolkova.net/webalba/svatba/ . The
happy couple will resume Evergreen-related instruction this fall.

*HIRES*: Meanwhile, Equinox Software Inc., “The Evergreen Experts,” recently
hired Galen Charlton as Vice President for Data Services and Dave Brown as
sysadmin. Charlton is a skilled developer and data migration specialist who
in his decade in the industry has led developers and data specialists
through hundreds of successful data migrations, has contributed his
development acumen to thousands of lines of code, and has guided libraries
through numerous successful development projects.  Brown brings over 15
years of IT experience, most recently as Library Systems Manager for the
Mayo Clinic.

California: Workshops on Open Source

If you were at the Evergreen conference this spring, you might have had a
chance to experience a fun, engaging program based on a half-day workshop by
The Open Source Open Libraries Consortium of California (
opensource.califa.org), a group that is working hard to bring awareness of
open source library system software to libraries in their state.  In the
workshop, Lori Ayre (library technology consultant with The Galecia Group)
and Cheryl Gould (training faciliator with Fully Engaged Libraries) combine
exercises and activities that engage and energize the participates while
teaching them about open source software--what it is, how it is licensed,
and why it makes so much sense for libraries. Check them out!
Lyrasis Evergreen Training Classes

Lyrasis is offering an Evergreen Cataloging Class 8/19 at 2pm EST. To
register please see the Lyrasis website at:
 Since October, Lyrasis (created from a merger of SOLINET and PALINET) has
taught dozens of Evergreen classes to over 100 students. Lyrasis is
dedicated to training and instructing Evergreen, and they welcome your
comments and suggestions for courses. All of their current course offerings
are continuously updated, and Lyrasis plans to add more courses in the
future. For comments or questions, contact Lyrasis instructors *Jennifer.B
ielewski at lyrasis.org* or Jenny.Liberatore at lyrasis.org
Planet Evergreen

Can't get enough news about Evergreen open source software? Subscribe to or
read Planet Evergreen, an aggregator for Evergreen-related posts, at
http://planet.evergreen-ils.org . Have a blog that talks about Evergreen? To
add your blog to the Planet Evergreen blog aggregator, send email to Dan
Scott at dan at coffeecode.net
Evergreen on Facebook

Evergreen has a growing Facebook group at the not-so-mnemonic address of
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6396639614  We are now posting events
to this group, such as the Evergreen conference and the ALA Midwinter
get-together, as well as press releases for new Evergreen libraries and
systems and other related news. The group now has over 300 members.
 A Few Reminders

*Webinars and videos*: Don't forget the section on the Evergreen wiki devoted
to community-contributed documentation and

Evergreen also has a Flickr set: http://flickr.com/photos/evergreen-ils/
New Evergreen Libraries: Welcome Aboard!

See the growing list of Evergreen libraries at:


This list is open to all Evergreen libraries, from commercially-supported to
"grow-your-own." Please add your library if it's not there!

Highlights from the latest additions:

*Sitka *in British Columbia just rolled out two more libraries, Alert Bay
Public Library and College of the Rockies, for a total of 21 libraries on a
shared catalog.

*The Haines (Alaska) library catalog* is part of a cooperative partnership
among the public library, the Haines Elementary Media Center, the Haines
High School Library, and the Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center.
* *

*Evergreen Indiana* now has 37 libraries live on its shared catalog,
including Shoals Public Library—the first previously non-automated library
to join Evergreen Indiana—as well as Andrews Dallas Township, Loogootee,
Middletown Fall Creek, Milford, Washington Public Township, Waterloo Grant
Township, Pike County, Alexandria-Monroe, Kendalville & Limberlost Public

 If you'd like to follow along as libraries join the Evergreen community,
you can subscribe to the Equinox press release feed, which will announce
most known Evergreen implementations (or follow the Facebook group mentioned
above). The Equinox press release feed
<http://esilibrary.com/esi/news.rss>was recently tweaked to make it
easier to track and share the releases.

*Newsletter Administrivia *

Feel free to forward, share, etc.!
The co-wranglers for this newsletter (produced every month… sometimes
earlier, sometimes later… what can we say!) are Karen Schneider, Equinox
Community Librarian and John Fink, Digital Technologies Development
Librarian at McMaster University.
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