[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Exit button in 1.6

Teresa Eckford tess66 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 10:54:08 EST 2009

Jason Etheridge wrote:
> Mostly because it was redundant and we have limited space there.  Are
> you a mouser?  The emphasis has traditionally been to cater to
> keyboard users, though that can change given demand.  The button bar
> now scrolls if needed, so we could add more buttons, but if you're
> forced to scroll to reach a button, that's probably just as bad as
> having to drill through a menu.
Yes, we all still use a mouse, though now I realize that of course we 
can just hit the F1 key when we're done - kinda a hand to the forehead 
moment there!
> For keyboarders, pressing F1 is the quickest way to exit out of a
> patron's display while preserving the tab for the next patron.  For
> Checkouts, Alt+D will trigger the Done button in the lower-right for
> printing a receipt and exiting out.
Thanks for that! We don't generally give receipts (still use date due 
cards - small library), but it's good to know that when someone asks for 
one, there's a quick keyboard shortcut.

I really like this listserv - though most of it is way over my head 
technically, I've picked up some good tips and it's cool to read about 
the programming details involved. Now if only some of our patrons would 
embrace Evergreen with the same enthusiasm!


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